Twilight Imperium -- Choose Your Race

First decide which races you're playing with, then select the number of players, and finally decide how many races you want each player to be able to choose from. For your first game, choose the races marked with *. Races marked with ^ are tricky to play; new players may want to avoid them.

The option for determining the Speaker supports an optional house rule, used by some groups, where the Speaker gets one fewer racial choice (e.g., "everyone gets two races to choose from, except the Speaker who only gets one"). Do not choose this option if you're playing by the standard rules.

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Races in Use: 17

The Arborec^
The Barony of Letnev*
The Clan of Saar^
The Embers of Muaat
The Emirates of Hacan*
The Federation of Sol*
The Ghosts of Creuss^
The L1Z1X Mindnet
The Mentak Coalition
The Naalu Collective
The Nekro Virus^
Sardakk N'orr*
The Universities of Jol-Nar*
The Winnu
The Xxcha Kingdom*
The Yin Brotherhood
The Yssaril Tribes

Number of Players:

Choices Per Player:


Players' Names, Separated By Commas:
(optional, to randomize seating order)