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Various New Modifiers



Cosmic Power (Modular Abilities)

Damage Resistance


Enhanced Move

* In effect, this enhancement subsumes the two Cosmic enhancements from GURPS Supers, and then adds another +50% to allow the Move to apply even when you're not actually sprinting. This is necessary for it to affect your Step, All-Out Attacks, etc.


Striking ST

Trained by a Master




New Traits

Indefatigable: 30 points

You do not lose Fatigue Points through normal exertion. You can sprint indefinitely and fight all day. You can still lose fatigue from starvation, thirst, sleeplessness, etc., and any use of extra effort has its normal costs. You are assumed to recover fatigue normally; if this is not the case, apply the Slow Recharge or Special Recharge modifiers from the Energy Reserve advantage.

(Optionally, instead of losing fatigue to starvation, extra effort, etc., you may lose HT -- like a machine -- or have another negative effect occur. If so, this must be set during character creation.)

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