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MyGURPS - Chuubo's Miraculous Wish-Granting Engine

Chuubo's Miraculous Wish-Granting Engine

The Chuubo's Miraculous Wish-Granting Engine RPG (just "Chuubo's" for short) is unique, original, and fun — a diceless, narrative system that captures the bright and dark tones of modern anime (especially Studio Ghibli) and cartoons like Adventure Time or Steven Universe. I recommend it highly. These are some of the resources I've contributed to or created:

A Guide for New Chuubo's Players

An easy-to-understand introduction (also available on the Chuubo's wiki )

Chuubo's Miraculous Arcs

Updated for the most recently shared draft of the Book of Golden Hours

Chuubo's Character Options

Some canonically supported backgrounds and "races", plus a list of Magical and Superior Skills

Chuubo's Form-Fillable Character Sheets (PDFs)

Intentionally Vague Map of "Town" (PDF)

Shows how Town is laid out without committing to a detailed map

The Chuubo's Wiki

I contribute here on a regular basis

My RPGnet Review of Chuubo's

In addition, I've been musing on how to use the Chuubo's rules to do a "Nobilis Fourth Edition" over at The Miraculous Nobilis Engine.