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MyGURPS - Embers Of The Imperium

Embers Of The Imperium

Embers of the Imperium is a roleplaying game based on the immersive Twilight Imperium board game. It uses the Genesys rules, which are summarized in "Character Creation" and "How to Play" below.

Elevator Pitch: Our heroes are members of the Keleres. On paper, the Keleres are an elite paramilitary organization formed by the Galactic Council to identify and eliminate threats to the survival of the galaxy. In practice, thanks to constant Council infighting and many worlds barely paying lip service to Council authority, the Keleres are peacekeepers and troubleshooters trying their best to solve problems with little support.

A Brief Primer of the Galaxy

A condensed history and look at the major factions.

Embers: Character Creation

A step by step breakdown and explanation.

Embers: How to Play

An overview to help make sense of your stats.

Embers: XP and Advancement

Includes a Motivations-focused house rule for awarding XP.

Embers: Print-Friendly Sheets

Form-fillable sheets that are 99-100% black & white with no background graphics. Those with a * require a bit of color ink to properly print the Genesys symbols.
If you find these useful and feel like throwing money at me, you can get the sheets from DriveThruRPG as a "pay what you want" product.

        • Character Sheet

The "Dice Pool" section is for a summary like "2G 1Y" (dice colors) or "2A 1P" (dice names).

        • Naaz-Rokha Character Sheet

        • Talents Pyramid

        • Vehicle Sheet

        • GM Reference*

Room for all character Motivations, plus rules summaries that aren't on the official Genesys GM Screen.

        • Vehicle Rules Reference*

Vehicle rules from Genesys and Embers, along with Fear rules because . . . well, because I had room here and these come up enough to need referencing. I suggest printing this on the back of the GM Reference.

Embers: Other Resources

        • Embers: Challenge Rating Calculator

Calculate CR for any group of PCs

        • Embers: Species-Specific Gear

Important notes for Creuss, Gashlai, and water-breathing Hylar

        • Embers: Explosives

Rules and prices for explosive charges (not grenades)

        • Embers: House Rules

A few small tweaks (players in our game don't need to read this)

Embers: Adventures

Players shouldn't read these, of course!

        • Ashes of Power

        • War for the Throne