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MyGURPS - Fate Core

Fate Core

If you haven't played Fate Core, it's a simple system that divides mechanics between skills (the things you roll against to do anything) and aspects (important concepts from which you can benefit by spending fate points). Because of this, it perfectly walks the line between "narrativist" and "simulationist," which makes it a great choice for any game where character skill and dramatic necessity are equally important.

General Resources

Fate Core House Rules

Some general rules and guidelines that apply to all of our Fate games.

Fate Core Bunnies and Burrows

Rules for running a Fate adaptation of the Bunnies & Burrows RPG.

Fate Core Burn Notice

Rules for running a Fate game based on the show Burn Notice — or any modern action game.

Fate Core Fantasy

Helpful rules for representing fantasy races and elemental magic.


A quick-start page for players of this excellent wuxia RPG