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Charon currently has no Bright Lilim working for him.
It is unclear whether or not Charon's ranks are home to any of Lilith's Daughters. If so, one would be able to get a sense of how a mortal would prefer to die, on a successful resonance roll.
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Some of these are from [[ | Elizabeth McCoy's article]].

!!!! Bethanel

Lilim of Cities receive 12 extra character points which must be spent on as high a level as possible of a "caring" Role; this will be Role/6 unless its Status is 5+. Appropriate Roles range from prostitutes to doctors and nurses. If its Status is 3 or less, leftover points may go toward skills to support that Role.

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!!!! Charon

Charon currently has no Bright Lilim working for him.

!!!! Christopher

Even as Christopher's Elohim have a Lilim-like attunement, a Lilim of Children is able to sense the emotions attached to any resonance- detected Need. If she fulfills a child's desire, she has the option of taking Essence (like Elohim of Children) or a Geas-hook -- but if she geases a child to something that harms the child, she will become dissonant. (Fortunately, "Eat your carrots, dear," is perfectly acceptable.)

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!!!! Khalid

With eye contact, a Lilim of Faith can see what someone most needed to believe in -- whether it is that there is a God, or whether it's that their beloved really does love them back. She may also geas someone to "have faith" in a person, institution or concept -- instead of causing dissonance or damage when resisted, the geas gives a +(Geas level) bonus to any one skill the GM considers directly relavant. (Someone who needed to have faith in a cause, before a battle, would gain a bonus to Fighting or a weapon skill; someone urged to have faith in a spouse would get a bonus to all rolls to remain calm and objective; etc.)

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!!!! Litheroy

A Lilim of Revelations, like Litheroy's Seraphim, can choose which die is the check digit when she uses her resonance to discover any *non-obvious* Need. If she attempts to geas someone to reveal a truth that was hidden, her Celestial Forces are an additional penalty to the target's resistance roll.

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!!!! Zadkiel

A Lilim of Protection partakes somewhat of her Archangel's nature. With a successful Perception roll, she can home in on the closest appropriate (i.e., "faithful," "non-evil") person who needs protection as if she were a Cherub attuned to that person! This "attunement" lasts until she gets to the person, or until the danger has passed.
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!!!! Blandine

In the Marches, a Lilim of Dreams’ natural resonance is always active and successful, with a check digit equal to the angel’s Ethereal Forces. Like Elohim of Dreams, Lilim may make resonance rolls in an attempt to improve the check digit.

!!!! David

A Daughter serving David knows the best way to shape stone and minerals (especially gemstones) for a given purpose. If she geases someone to an act of loyalty, her Corporeal Forces are an additional penalty to the subject’s Will roll.

!!!! Dominic

Dominic’s Lilim find weaknesses within others, knowing if resonance-detected Needs are strong enough to lead the subject to dissonance or worse.

!!!! Eli

Lilim of Creation can use their resonance to sense the drive to create, and, with higher check digits, to tell what would best inspire a creative person to produce a masterwork.

!!!! Gabriel

With eye contact, Gabriel’s Lilim know exactly what punishment an offender needs to repent truly of his cruelty. As with her Malakim, Gabriel’s Lilim are assigned to specific cases.

!!!! Janus

When she is geasing someone into an action that disrupts the status quo, the Ethereal forces of a Lilim of Janus are an additional penalty to the target’s Will roll.

!!!! Jean

Lightning’s Lilim have the same abilities as Vapula’s, but (obviously) different motivations and goals. They often take advantage of the angelic ability to use resonances on recorded media – such as pictures on the World Wide Web.

!!!! Jordi

These Lilim sense the needs of any animal they touch, automatically. They may command one simple service from any animal whose need they’ve fulfilled; the animal will understand as if it were the attuned species. Jordi’s Lilim are most often associated with release-to-wild programs and other activities that free animals from the constraints of Man.

!!!! Laurence

Lilim of the Sword gather intelligence from the other side. Their Celestial Forces are an additional penalty to any demon’s attempt to resist their Geases.

!!!! Marc

Marc’s Lilim know what someone would most like to trade for, if they can look that person in the eyes. If a Lilim of Trade makes a deal using her resonance, the other party is automatically geased to keep his end of the bargain. (This does not apply to unspecified future favors, just fair, direct, and clearly stated exchanges.)

!!!! Michael

With eye contact, Lilim of Michael can make a Perception roll and know an opponent’s “Achilles Heel” – i.e., the person’s greatest weakness in combat. The successful roll’s check digit is a bonus to the Lilim’s attack, or a penalty to the subject’s Dodge (player’s choice). This is useful when training someone as well as during actual fighting.

!!!! Novalis

These Lilim can use their resonance on an angry or violent person to tell what would calm him down or make him peaceful. They can also sense the needs of plants, of course – but it’s hard to get favors in return.

!!!! Yves

Lilim serving Yves know whether fulfilling a resonance-detected Need will lead the subject more toward his Destiny, his Fate, or neither above the other – though not ''why.''


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