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All skills cost 1 point per level. They can be bought to maximum of 6 levels, with the exception of Languages which has no limit.

Most skills default at -2 for celestials or no penalty for humans. There are a few exceptions: Enchantment has no default, Fighting (Unarmed) defaults at no penalty, and most Knowledge skills default at -4 (or worse).

Any skill marked with a * by its characteristic(s) is a combat skill. Its listed characteristic(s) applies in the Corporeal Realm, but it "floats" to the equivalent characteristic in other Realms. For example, in the Marches, Fighting (Heavy) is an Intelligence skill, Throwing is a Precision skill (regardless of whether you usually use it with Agility or Precision), and Guns remains a Precision skill. See Combat in In Nomine Gameplay for more.

Corporeal Skills

Ethereal Skills

Celestial Skills

Other Skills

Sample Knowledge Skills

There are a wide range of options; you aren't limited to what appears here!

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