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In TianXia, mastery of martial arts and comparable mystical abilities allows for incredible feats. A trained kung fu master can defeat dozens of lesser opponents with ease. To reflect this, every character has what is known as a Jianghu ("Martial World") rank, based on how advanced their training has been.

This rank unlocks some specific, potent benefits:

Jianghu Rank Levels

A typical person is rank 0. See below to learn what it takes to quality for higher ranks, along with commentary by famed Grandmaster of the Three Mountains School, Faultless Wu.

Unless stated otherwise, all of exorcism techniques, kung fu techniques, sorcerous techniques, and lost techniques count toward meeting any required numbers.

(If all you know is kung fu, the chart on p. 63 of TianXia is a bit simpler because it omits mystical stuff.)

Jianghu Rank 1

Passable; you may not be a complete loss. There are two acceptable paths to this destination:

Jianghu Rank 2

Ah, you are finally learning what it means to do Kung Fu! Clearly you have accomplished one of the following:

(Note that it is impossible to reach this rank via exorcism alone, as only six techniques are available to an exorcist.)

Jianghu Rank 3

Yes! An opponent worthy of respect! I have heard stories of how you made it this far:

Jianghu Rank 4

A true peer in the Martial World!

(The GM may allow other methods by which this level can be reached, of course.)

Special Note for Sorcerers

In areas of "dulled" Shentong (see TianXia Sorcery for details), only two of your sorcerous techniques count toward the above, while in "choked" areas, none do! Thus, if the only techniques you know are from sorcery, your effective Jianghu rank is just 1 or 0, respectively, in those areas. If you have exorcism or kung fu techniques as well, things are more complex, so note what your rank drops to in these areas.

But Wait, What About . . . ?

Other forms of training, even those which fit the theme, do not raise your Jianghu rank. For example, while having a high skill at Athletics, Fight, Shoot, etc. certainly demonstrates your martial prowess, it does not improve Jianghu rank. And while the mystical world respects those who master alchemy, divination, geomancy, and prophecy, those leave you at rank 0 as well.

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