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MyGURPS - Board Games

Board Games

Civilization VI

This isn't a board game, but it's close, and I didn't want to make a new "video game" category just for Civ6.

Cowpoker: Record Sheet (PDF)

A handy way to account for every bonus, especially in a multi-round game.

Deluxe Illuminati: Goal Cards (PDF)

Makes it easier to remember the goals. Print a second copy for the UFOs.
Contains a house rule raising Discordia's goal to six Weird groups, as later expansions made Weird the most common alignment by far. This is a good change. Use it.

Frag: Improved Record Sheet (PDF)

A paper version, for the older edition.

King's Blood: One-Page Solitaire Rules (PDF)

A version that easily fits in the box.

Lord of the Rings: Friends and Foes Reference (PDF)

A two-page reference for the cooperative Reiner Knizia game, including the Black Gate rule, an official erratum which fixes how easy it was to acheive a Military Victory.

Munchkin: Sammlerbox Translation Sheet (PDF)

Translations by BIGsheep and T. Dorst; I've just formatted it as a printable version.

Rising Sun

A random season card generator, plus new official game modes from the comics.

SPANC: FAQ and Optional Rules

Questions and answers, along with a few ways to tweak the game.

Spirit Island

A list and description of every spirit in the game (as of 2022) to help players choose theirs.

Stardew Valley

Both the board game and video game.


Minor rules to fix specific issues.

Twilight Imperium 4

Resources, useful links, and house rules.

Vampire the Masquerade: Rivals

A list of all releases to date