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MyGURPS - In Nomine

In Nomine

In Nomine is a great setting paired with a decent-but-flawed system. Rather than port it to a new system, however, I believe it is possible to fix these flaws with a few relatively simple adjustments. At heart, these focus on normalizing the system, reducing its swing, so that the abilities of characters (both mortal and celestial) range from "mediocre" to "amazing" rather than from "useless" to "game-breaking."

Everything here is in playtest and is subject to change as I discover what's too onerous and too generous. I don't plan to address ethereals until I'm 100% happy with the celestial/mortal rules.

In Nomine Character Creation

Revised rules for character creation.

In Nomine Resonances and Attunements

Changes to a few basic Choir/Band resonances, as well as to specific Superior-related things.

In Nomine Gameplay

The d666, disturbance, combat, and hit points.

Other In Nomine resources include:

In Nomine Character Sheet

Not enough room on the official sheet, so I made my own.

A Quick Guide to In Nomine Superiors (and the Choirs/Bands)

Includes the following unofficial superiors:

In Nomine Bright Lilim Attunements

Because these are ridiculously scattered right now.

Converting Existing In Nomine NPCs

Not technically necessary, but really easy to do.

Characters for In Nomine

Sample characters, existing PCs, etc.