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MyGURPS - Mutants And Masterminds

Mutants And Masterminds

This is the repository for information, house rules, etc., about my Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition (or MM3 for short) games. I'm not a big fan of the earlier editions, but for me, MM3 is arguably the single best general "supers" RPG that exists.

This is a PDF summarizing the two biggest additions to the game: lethal damage and the Inspiration skill.

For a recap of our ongoing game, see F**k Whitey Squad

MM3 General House Rules

Including GM calls and interpretations of tricky situations

MM3 Knockdown and Knockback

I consider this a better option than the one in the GM Guide

MM3 Lethal Damage Rules

It's easy for a campaign to feature both "lethal" and "less-than-lethal" damage

MM3 Crafting Rules

Letting Quickness speed up inventing is broken, but these rules aren't

MM3 Skills

Featuring a new PRE skill, "Inspiration"

MM3 Advantages

Tweaks to some existing ones, plus new ones

MM3 Powers

Some minor changes and rulings on existing powers

MM3 Power Builds

Useful new "powers" built with the existing rules

MM3 Modifiers

Notes on existing general modifiers, plus new ones

MM3 Gear

Additional guidelines for and examples of equipment

Advice for M&M/3E