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MyGURPS - Overlight


Overlight is a beautiful, psychedelic setting with a relatively light and narrative system. Currently I have just a few resources for it, so I'm listing them right on the main page rather than organizing them further.

Player Aids

Fillable Character Sheet

The official Overlight character sheet is very pretty, but it lacks form fields and all of those colors are very expensive to print. It also takes up two pages when it could easily fit on one. So I created my own form-fillable, black & white version.

Rules Reference

A double-sided, half-page reference for Tests and Combat (including all combat maneuvers). If printing on regular paper, print single-sided and fold it in half. With cardstock, print double-sided and cut down the middle.

Character Creation House Rules

Here, "CBP" is short for Character Build Points.

Wealth and Character Build Points

Overlight doesn't treat your starting Wealth Rating or Wealth Points as traits with any CBP value. I believe the philosophy here is "well, they'll fluctuate during play" . . . but so will Spirit Points and those do have a CBP value. It doesn't really make sense, considering that Wealth is important and meaningful. It isn't just a flavor trait!

As such, in our games your Wealth Rating and Points have a small effect on your available CBP pool. Yes, this means all Banyari backgrounds get +2 CBP. The following table shows the modifier to your starting CBP pool.

WealthStarting Wealth Points
Rating0 to 45 to 89 to 1213 or more

Starting with Luminon Chroma

During character creation, Luminon Chroma (see p. 135) cost the same as normal Chroma, despite costing less (in XP) if acquired in play. This is because it's assumed that you've successfully cast the Luminon Chroma before play as well, so there's no need to do so in play.

If you'd prefer to start with a Luminon Chroma but to have not cast it yet (for whatever reason), it costs 4 CBP instead of 5.

Wealth Test House Rule

If you achieve a Radiant success on a Wealth Test, reroll the Spirit Die and use the lowest result. With a Brilliant success, reroll it twice (for a total of three rolls) and use the lowest result.