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MyGURPS - Torg Eternity

Torg Eternity

Imagine an RPG with an adventuring party consisting of John McClane, Gandalf, Van Helsing, Captain America, Lara Croft, and Jackie Chan. One week they travel to New York to race against Belloq to find treasures in Land of the Lost. The next week they go to Cairo to fight ninjas in the world of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The following week they go to France and fight the Spanish Inquisition in The Matrix. And all three of those settings are in the same world. That's Torg. And this wiki is full of resources for it.

Gamehacking Notes: The expected bonus result of rolling a single Torg d20 once is approximately +0.25 (not including the 5% odds of auto-fail). The average result of a bonus die is exactly +4 (+4.75 if you can reroll 1s).

For a recap of our ongoing game, see Storm Knights.

Torg Eternity Overview

A quick primer to the setting, with some verbiage stolen from other pages

    • Which Cosm Should I Be From?

A quick summary of what each cosm has to offer your Storm Knight, including axioms

    • Abridged Torg Timeline

The most important events in the Torg metaplot

Torg Eternity House Rules and Clarifications

Important rules updates, both canonical and unofficial (but highly recommended)

Torg Eternity Characters

The basics of character creation, including races, attributes, and skills

Torg Eternity Languages

Special notes on the language skill - how it works and what languages to take

Torg Eternity New Gear

New bits of gear that I've allowed or invented for my campaign

Torg Eternity Sample Storm Knights

A variety of balanced starting characters, usable as archetypes, examples, or PCs

Comprehensive Indexes

Torg Eternity Perk List

A consolidated list, organized by cosm for ease of selection

Torg Eternity Magic

Every canonical spell list, followed by an index of every spell

Torg Eternity Miracles

Every canonical miracle list, followed by an index of every miracle

Torg Eternity Psionics

Every canonical power list, followed by an index of every psionic power

Torg Eternity Threats

A list of every threat and generic NPC type

Infiniverse Exchange Books

Strike a Chord

The power of music (and storytelling) in Torg Eternity. Includes rules for bardic magic, Tharkold flamethrower guitars, and more!

Printable Resources

This sheet is ink-friendly and makes good use of space. It doesn't do calculations or have drop-down boxes, but that's by design. Few things are as frustrating as being unable to put "Special" or "See Notes" in a pre-calculated field. (Also available via the Infiniverse Exchange.)
Two to a page, with tuck-tabs for stability. I'll be updating the minor laws for each as new cosm books come out. I also have a separate file for spoiler cosms from certain adventures.

Pronunciation Guide

Aysle:EYE-uhl (like "aisle")
Kanawa:kah-nah-wah (no stress)
stalenger:STAL-un-jer ("AL" like "ALfred")
stela:STEEL-uh or STELL-uh
stelae:STEEL-eye or STELL-eye