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Savage Borderlands: BAE

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Brice Naudin's unofficial Savage Borderlands did a phenomenal job of translating Borderlands 2 into the rules of Savage Worlds Deluxe. I loved it, created resources for it, and ran a campaign that my players still talk about.

But since then, a lot has changed. Savage Worlds has updated to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) and Borderlands has released Borderlands 3. So I've decided to revise and update the rules, here on this wiki. We'll call this version the Borderlands Adventure Edition (or "BAE") to distinguish it from the previous edition.

        BAE Credits and Acknowledgments

        BAE Video Game Concepts Left Behind

Basic Rules

        BAE Elemental Damage

        BAE LP, Loot, and Ammo

        BAE Rules Changes

  • Changes to existing Savage Worlds rules

Character Creation

        BAE Attributes, Skills, and Hindrances

        BAE Robot PCs

        BAE Edges

        BAE DAWs (Digistructed Autonomous Weapons)

        BAE Sirens

        BAE Starting Gear


        BAE Guns, Glorious Guns!

        BAE Melee Weapons

        BAE Grenade Mods

        BAE Shields

        BAE Artifacts

        BAE Body Armor

        BAE Vehicles

Gear Generator Web App

        Savage Borderlands Gear Generator

        BAE App Instructions


- Under Construction!


        Savage Borderlands Gear Sheet

  • A printer-friendly, form-fillable sheet with room for 8 guns, 4 grenade mods, and 2 shields.
  • Made for the original edition, so just ignore the "Reactivity" field for shields.

        Savage Borderlands Gear Sheet - Oversized

  • A variant of the above, with more room per item but half as many items per page.

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