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Savage Pathfinder

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Savage Pathfinder may be the perfect mashup. Classic fantasy roleplaying, with plenty of dragons and dungeons, but using a modern, fun system. Choose your class (or don't! even that's optional) and set off for adventure!

Savage Pathfinder: Multi-Classing

A clear and detailed look at what the "once per Rank" rule refers to.

Savage Pathfinder: House Rules and Official Clarifications

Be sure to also read our SWADE House Rules.

Savage Pathfinder: New Ancestries

No, not all goblins are "evil" and yes, you can play one.
NOTE: Unfinished and my Goblin race has been obviated by the Advanced Player's Guide official one.

Savage Pathfinder: Spell Lists by Rank

It's so much easier to "shop" for spells when they're sorted by Rank.
NOTE: There are now official lists in the Advanced Player's Guide (p. 101).

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