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Savage Rifts

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Savage Rifts is the perfect adaptation of Rifts (a great setting) to Savage Worlds (a great system). It maintains a reasonable balance between the iconic frameworks; you can have a glitter boy and a scholar in the same party and actually come up with situations that threaten the former without slaughtering the latter. Somehow, it manages to be thoroughly over-the-top without being broken. These resources help expand the game.

Setting Information and Summaries

A condensed summary of the setting (for new players) plus expanded info on a few key things. I also have a Rifts Elevator Pitch.

          • An Introduction To Rifts Earth

          • Important Recent Events in Rifts

          • Three Galaxies Summary (a setting adjacent to Rifts Earth)

Savage Rifts: Errata and Clarification

Official rulings and errata from the designers

Savage Rifts: House Rules

A collection of flavorful additions and GM rulings that were worth writing down. Also see our general SWADE House Rules. Includes tweaks for several frameworks, but a few needed a bit more space:

          • Savage Rifts: Dragon Hatchlings

          • Savage Rifts: Elemental Fusionists

          • Savage Rifts: Glitter Boys

Savage Rifts: Framework and Race List

A useful resource for new players trying to decide who and what to be. Alternatively, try the flowchart approach below.

          • Savage Rifts: What Should I Play?

Savage Rifts: New Character Options

Unofficial (but solid) conversions from Palladium to Savage Worlds, along with a few new Edges. See also Savage Rifts Eruptors (PDF) for a formatted version of all five eruptors.

Savage Rifts: New D-Bees

Most converted from classic Rifts books, plus some originals and new mutants.

Savage Rifts: Vehicles and More List

A list of every vehicle, robot vehicle, and power armor.

Savage Rifts: New Gear

All of the custom and converted gear we've added to our campaigns.

Other Resources

Misc Rifts Stuff

Savage Rifts Rescaled

A revamp of starting power levels to make longer campaigns more viable.

(This page is for SR/2E, the SWADE version. Click here for an archive of older SR/1E content.)

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