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Welcome to MyGURPS, a resource page for several tabletop games including the GURPS Fourth Edition roleplaying game!

Herein you'll find some of the house rules that I use (and heartily recommend), various resources and articles that you might find useful, and new data files for the GURPS Character Assistant software. Here are all of the Recent Changes on this site.

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The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

Fate Core

Includes Bunnies & Burrows, Burn Notice, fantasy, and TianXia


In Nomine

A comprehensive overhaul to fix this system's issues

Mutants and Masterminds


Savage Worlds

Includes Savage Borderlands and Savage Rifts

Shadowrun Sixth World

Song of Ice and Fire

Torg Eternity

(Universal Resources)

Resources for Various Board Games

Campaign Recaps

Characters, campaign summaries, and session recaps