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SWADE Big And Small Races

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With GM permission (and careful scrutiny), races of Size 4+ or or Size -2 and smaller may exist. See SWADE (p. 179) for more detail on Size and Scale.

General Rules

Using Gear: Anyone has -2 to use gear that's one Scale off (e.g., a Small hero using a Normal weapon, or a Normal hero using a Small weapon), plus another -1 for each additional Scale. No one can wear armor or clothing that isn't fit for their Scale. This is considered a disadvantage for small and large races, as they live in a world of normal-sized folk. See below for custom gear costs and weights.

Your Size is Your Size: The Size value of a big or small race is not changed by Edges and Hindrances like Brawny, Obese, and Small. The individual character may be "fat for a Pixie," but only descriptively. For these abilities, read any Size modifier as a Toughness modifier instead.

Undersized Racial Abilities

With one exception, this section no longer needs to be house-ruled. See the Fantasy Companion (p. 8) for the new Diminutive positive racial ability.

House Rule: The cost of diminutive gear is not reduced. The difficulty of making gear effective at such a small scale offsets the need for fewer materials.

Oversized Racial Abilities

For custom gear, multiply both its cost and weight by 5× the "Weight" value on the table below. For example, a Size 5 character multiplies cost and weight of custom gear by 20.

Important Note: The Big racial ability is already included in these point values, since it is mandatory at these Sizes.

As of the 5/31/22 SWADE update, higher Scale gives additional Reach. Consider adding the Reach positive racial ability to customize this further. Realistically, human-shaped races of Size 3 or 4 would have Reach 1, with every Size past that adding another +1 Reach.

& Reach
14+2 (Large)+113-15'2
25+2 (Large)+116-18'4
36+2 (Large)+120-24'8
47+2 (Large)+126-30'16
38+4 (Huge)+232-36'32
49+4 (Huge)+245-50'64
510+4 (Huge)+260-65'125
611+4 (Huge)+270-75'250
* This is also the race's Toughness bonus.
† This is the bonus for Normal-sized foes to attack the character. Its inverse is the penalty they take when attacking Normal-sized foes, unless the character has the Swat ability (below).
‡ Approximately, for most "rectangular" creature shapes.
Swat (2 or 3 points per level): Each level of Swat eliminates -2 points of Scale penalties when attacking. This racial ability costs 2 points/level if it applies to just one type of attack, or 3 points/level if it applies to any attack you make.


Large race costs are loosely based on those in Summoner's Circle, adding things like Big and Reach to those base values. However, extra Wounds have been priced at 3 points (not 2) because the Edge that provides extra Wounds is Legendary. Technically, Legendary Edges should cost 6 points, but an extra Wound is objectively less valuable than +4 Toughness, so it's capped at 3 points.

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