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What would Borderlands be without gobs and gobs of aggressively marketed, randomly generated firearms? These setting-specific rules apply to weapons generated using the following pages:

Brand-Name Benefits

All benefits stack with any improvements added; e.g., a Bandit pistol that adds one level of the clip capacity improvement has a total of quadruple the usual ammo load.


All Bandit guns start with double the usual clip capacity.

Bandit Rocket Launchers: In addition to the above, these start with the multi-barrel enhancement (see BAE Rocket Launchers?), but one level less damage (3d6 becomes 2d10).


All Dahl guns have the Three-Round Burst (3RB) enhancement: this can only be used with ROF 1, consumes three times as many bullets as usual, gives an extra +1 to hit, and does an extra +1 damage.

Use of 3RB is optional, unless you're aiming in which case you must use it (and cannot use ROF 2+).


All Hyperion guns have the Stable enhancement: this reduces the recoil penalty for rapid fire from -2 to -1, and if you have the Rock And Roll Edge, you negate the penalty completely even if you move on your turn.


All Jakobs guns do an extra +1 damage with +2 AP. If they have a high ROF, this doesn't represent true automatic fire, but instead mashing the trigger as quickly as the gun will allow. (Use the same rules; this is just flavor.)

Jakobs weapons cannot acquire either the clip capacity or elemental damage improvements.

Jakobs Sniper Rifles: In addition to the above, Jakobs sniper rifles cannot acquire the rapid fire improvement.


All Maliwan guns start with one free level of elemental damage, and are the only weapons that can natively reach four levels of elemental damage. Roll a d20 when generating one: 1-4 Corrosive, 5-8 Cryo, 9-12 Incendiary, 13-16 Shock, 17-20 Slag.

Maliwan guns can acquire no more than one level of the rapid fire improvement.


All Tediore guns have the Reload Grenade enhancement. The act of reloading the weapon throws a copy of it as a (free) mini-grenade with range 5/10/20. This inflicts damage equal to the gun's damage (no AP) in an SBT. Any bullets left in the gun are consumed, but may inflict additional damage: +1 damage if there are at least 5 bullets, +2 if at least 10, +3 if at least 20, +4 if at least 40, and +5 if at least 80.

Tediore Rocket Launchers: For the purpose of additional damage, divide the required values by 5 when reading "bullets" as "rockets."


All Torgue guns except for grenade launchers start with one level of the damage and explosive damage improvements, but also with one level of reduced range (an "anti-improvement").

Torgue Grenade Launchers: Instead of the above, these start with the wide-barreled improvement (see BAE Assault Rifles?).

Torgue guns can acquire no more than one level of the rapid fire improvement.


All Vladof guns except rocket launchers start with 1.5x the usual clip capacity (round up) and +1 ROF.

Vladof Rocket Launchers: Instead of the above, these do one level less damage (3d6 becomes 2d10) but have double the clip capacity and the special Fast Rockets enhancement (targets are at an extra -2 to evade). They cannot acquire the multi-barrel improvement.

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