Sample Monster-Hunting Team

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These five sample characters illustrate what one can do with champions in Monster Hunters. All are unique and interesting, yet all work together well as a tightly-knit team. They are ready to print and use as-is; the spaces for "Player" have been left open, as well as the spots for most social options. Background stories have been kept to a minimum, to encourage each player to fill in the blanks himself. The racial templates have been broken into their component pieces, both because it was easier for me to do it that way, and to ensure that a new player knows everything his character is capable of.

These hunters were creating using GURPS Character Assistant; the actual data files for each character are available in this ZIP file. All characters come with exactly five reloads for each type of ammo -- unless explicitly specified otherwise -- for compatibility with the "Track Nothing!" rules from Champions (p. 58). One minor change I made was to break out the cost and weight of the one magazine included with each gun, buying it separately; I find it easier to keep track of that way.

Note that all character have silencers for the guns that can take one, enabling them to engage in a firefight with at least a chance of remaining stealthy; see Hearing Shots (Champions, p. 61) for more.

Sunny Fields

Template: Commando
Lens: Hired Gun

A former Marine who can wield a gun like an extension of her body and has an expert tactical mind. While the nominal leader of the group, she's just "first among equals." She has an arrangement with a scientific research group named HSG; she sends them samples from the monsters the team kills, and they share their findings (and money!) with her. The team's "salaries" ($4,000/month for her, $1,000/month for the others) come from this source of income.

Sunny is loaded down with quite a bit of gear, but she uses all of it! Her "flamer" (handheld flamethrower) and squirt carbine are the only weapons that don't have five reloads; each is designed to be used once, then slung at her side for the rest of the fight. She normally carries her larger weapons in her backpack when around civilization, which limits her to machine pistols if ambushed in such a situation.

Curtis Adler

Template: Psi
Lens: Accidental Hero

A psychic with impressive ESP and minor telekinesis. Curtis is a thrill-seeker who is comfortable fighting with his hands or a gun, though his true strength is investigation. His Flashbacks don't kick in during stress -- instead, the GM should roll when he uses his Psychometry to see if he gets lost in the visions. His broadsword is designed to look like a junior hockey stick when scabbarded; he can thus carry every weapon around normal folks except his entry rifle, which he must leave in Sunny's jeep.

Christopher Matthews

Template: Inhuman (Demonspawn)
Lens: Atoner

A half-demon with a serious vendetta against his father's kin. Due to his incredible strength, he's the team's front-line fighter -- but his street smarts and connections are just as important. Christopher carries two axes, both designed to look like tennis rackets when scabbarded. In most combats, he uses his two-handed axe, but he's also comfortable wielding his smaller axe in his left hand while working his shotgun one-handed in his right.

"Levi Athens" (Leviathan)

Template: Experiment
Lens: Criminal

A bioengineered creation, "decanted" eight years ago by the mad scientist who created her for unsavory purposes. After killing him, she took to life "off the grid," and is currently squatting in a condemned apartment building with a few dozen cats. Her intense hatred of evil monsters keeps her on the team, where her strength and toughness are only exceeded by her amazing senses . . . and relative cluelessness. Her axe uses the same scabbard as Christopher's (above), allowing her to carry every weapon she uses without raising too many eyebrows.

Dominic "Smith"

Template: Inhuman (Outcast Angel)
Lens: Chosen One

An angel who was kicked out of Heaven a few decades ago due to politics and backstabbing; now that it's cut off from Heaven, it's always on the alert for those who would rather see it dead than outcast. While it often gets confused about the subtleties of human existence, its combat prowess and vast religious knowledge are invaluable. It carries a potent spear (no, it's not that spear), which has a flip-up top so it can pass as a walking stick, and a broadsword with a scabbard similar to Curtis' (above). Note that most of its gear was purchased as "cutting-edge," hence the odd weight values.

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