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Gear is usually secondary to a character's concept, but these three categories are an exception deserving of their own index. The descriptions include Size and (for vehicles) Crew info; for the rest, see the book.

Note: Any option marked with a * is an NPC/GM option, not available for PCs without GM permission.

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These are separated by operation skills. See TLPG p. 109 and EOH p. 51 for customization rules.


GUW-P002 Prowler General Utility Water Craft: Size 6 (Large), Crew 1+30, draft boat armed with a machine gun. (B&B, p. 35)

Patrol Vessel: Size 10 (Huge), Crew 6+4, for transporting large loads along major waterways. (EOH, p. 50)

River Barge: Size 12 (Gargantuan), Crew 1+50, full-on pirate ship, cargo vessel, passenger transport, etc. (EOH, p. 50)

Skyboat (TW): See under Piloting below.


Big Boss ATV: Size 5 (Large), Crew 1+3, a solid transport. (TLPG, p. 110)

* Coalition Mark V APC: Size 8 (Huge), Crew 5+26, tons of weapons, tons of room for troops. (SFONA, p. 8)

GAW Bradley IFV: Size 7 (Large), Crew 3+8, well-armed armored personnel carrier. (EOH, p. 50)

Highway-Man Motorcycle: Size 1 (Normal), Crew 1+1, a basic bike with a laser. (TLPG, p. 110)

Mountaineer ATV: Size 6 (Large), Crew 1+5, big and rugged, ready for weapons. (TLPG, p. 110)

Mountaineer Mk2: Size 7 (Large), Crew 2+8, even bigger and tougher. (TLPG, p. 110)

NG-AT46 Mammoth APC: Size 8 (Huge), Crew 5+20, powerful barricade rammer with weapons or cargo space. (TLFM, p. 17)

Wastelander Motorcycle: Size 3 (Normal), Crew 1, a bike with cargo space and a laser. (TLPG, p. 110)

W.I. Road Boss: Size 3 (Normal), Crew 1, a well-armed "chopper" bike for dangerous tours. (SFONA, p. 46)

Trailblazer Assault ATV (TW): Size 7 (Large), Crew 4, a heavily armed and armored attack vehicle. (A&M, p. 45)

Zone Ranger ATV (TW): Size 7 (Large), Crew 1+6, lots of carrying capacity and potential. (TLPG, p. 110)


Arzno TWV-2100 Sandstorm Hover Craft (TW): Size 4 (Large), Crew 2+2, strong PPE battery with deflection. (A&M, p. 44)

Arzno TWV-4500A Kamikaze Fighter (TW): Size 4 (Large), Crew 1, a small fighter plane with decent weapons. (A&M, p. 45)

* Coalition AFC-023 Sky Cycle: Size 3 (Normal), Crew 1, incredibly fast and nimble flyer. (SFONA, p. 11)

* Coalition Death's Head Transport: Size 13 (Gargantuan), Crew 9+408, for when you need the whole regiment. (SFONA, p. 15)

Ironhorse (TW): Size 8 (Huge), Crew 2+8, a hover-locomotive with two fireball launchers. (A&M, p. 45)

NG-150 Streetrunner: Size 1 (Normal), Crew 1, a small, nimble hovercycle. (TLPG, p. 110)

NG-300 Speedster: Size 2 (Normal), Crew 1, a full-sized hovercycle with a laser. (TLPG, p. 110)

NG-357 Magnum-Turbo: Size 3 (Normal), Crew 1+1, a tough two-person hovercycle. (TLPG, p. 110)

NG-A70 Sky King: Size 3 (Normal), Crew 1, a well-armed hover assault platform. (EOH, p. 48)

NG-F911 "Smokeskipper" Hover Firetruck: Size 7 (Large), Crew 1+12, a must-have against fires or vampires. (B&B, p. 35)

NG-HC106 Hover Car: Size 4 (Large), Crew 1+4, a common and popular transport vehicle. (EOH, p. 50)

NG-HCH-1228 Hovertrain Locomotive: Size 10 (Huge), Crew 2+2, a boxcar-pulling cargo hauler. (EOH, p. 48)

NG-HCH-2000 "Big Bertha" Tractor Hover Truck: Size 8 (Huge), Crew 2+2, a smaller version of the 1228 above. (EOH, p. 49)

Skyboat (TW): Size 7 (Large), Crew 2+12, a floating boat, also usable on water. (TLPG, p. 110)

"TK Flyer" Airplane (TW): Size 7 (Large), Crew 1+7, a common air vehicle. (TLPG, p. 110)

W.I. AHB-2000 Assault Hover Bike: Size 2 (Normal), Crew 1, fast bike with a ton of potent weapons. (TLFM, p. 17)

Wingboard (TW): SIze 0 (Normal), Crew 1, more gear than vehicle. (TLPG, p. 110)


Mountain Bike: Size -1 (Normal), Crew 1, uses Athletics, doubles Pace and run. (B&B, p. 35)

RH100 Series Robot Horse: Size 2 (Normal), Crew 1+1, uses Riding, an alternative to the flesh-and-blood version. (SFONA, p. 44; B&B, p. 36)

Robot Vehicles

* Coalition Spider Skull Walker: Size 9 (Huge), Crew 2+6, an intimidating and powerful six-legged machine. (SFONA, p. 14)

* Coalition UAR-1 Enforcer: Size 7 (Large), Crew 1+1, well-tested assault model with a sensor turret. (SFONA, p. 12)

* IAR Hellraiser: Size 6 (Large), Crew 1+2, Coalition model with incredibly versatile weaponry. (EOH, p. 185)

NG EX-5 Behemoth Explorer: Size 11 (Huge), Crew 3+40, a lightly armed mobile base with labs. (TLPG, p. 113)

NG EX-20 Bulldog Explorer: Size 7 (Large), Crew 3+5, a smaller mobile base than the behemoth. (TLFM, p. 18)

NG EXC-17 Ogre Exploration & Labor Robot: Size 9 (Huge), Crew 2+3, stable all-terrain terraformer with good self-defense. (TLFM, p. 18)

NG-V61 Gunwolf: Size 7 (Large), Crew 2, a "wolf-man" model with a wide range of weapon options. (TLPG, p. 112)

NG-V7 Block IV Hunter Mobile Gun: Size 8 (Huge), Crew 3+2, built around its heavy rail gun turret. (TLPG, p. 113)

Titan TR-001 Combat Robot: Size 9 (Huge), Crew 1+2, solidly balances offense and defense. (TLPG, p. 113)

Titan TRF-107 Fireman Robot Vehicle: Size 4 (Large), Crew 1+3, excellent for rescue operations (and vampires). (B&B, p. 38)

Triax X-1000 Ulti-Max: Size 4 (Large), Crew 1, small but tough, with a built-in force field. (TLPG, p. 114)

Triax X-500 Forager Battlebot: Size 7 (Large), Crew 2+2, built for long-range travel and safety. (TLPG, p. 113)

Triax X-535 Hunter: Size 4 (Large), Crew 1, nimble and fast, with modular weapon options. (TLPG, p. 114)

Triax X-545 Super Hunter: Size 5 (Large), Crew 1, festooned with weapons, particularly mini-missiles. (TLPG, p. 114)

Power Armor

For Glitter Boy options, see here.

Arzno TWA-1230JR Jackrabbit (TW): Size 1 (Normal), amazing sprint and jump ability which can be further enhanced. (A&M, p. 42)

Arzno TWA-1250RB Raging Bull (TW): Size 2 (Normal), incredibly strong and tough, and can boost both. (A&M, p. 43)

Bandito "Sidewinder" SAMAS: Size 2 (Normal), fast and nimble flyer with useful weapons. (EOH, p. 42)

* Coalition PA-06A SAMAS: Size 2 (Normal), fast flight and otherwise decent capabilities. (SFONA, p. 11)

FT-005 Flying Titan: Size 1 (Normal), light and fast with great aerial maneuverability. (TLPG, p. 96)

* Golden Eagle SAMAS: Size 2 (Normal), a custom version with claws and mobility options. (EOH, p. 181)

Jape Defender: Size 2 (Normal), very fast and loaded with advanced nonlethal capture options. (TLFM, p. 16)

Naruni MK-PA 12 Mecha-Knight: Size 2 (Normal), medieval style with sword and energy blasters. (TLFM, p. 17)

NG-11F Red Hawk: Size 2 (Normal), "hawk-like" armor with a short-term jet booster, talons, and more. (EOH, p. 42)

NG-MRU886 Grease Monkey: Size 1 (Normal), a walking repair kit with aquatic and hover capability. (TLPG, p. 96)

NG-X9 Samson: Size 3 (Normal), fast and strong with jump jets and backup mini-missiles. (TLPG, p. 97)

NG-XF103 Firefighter: Size 1 (Normal), useful against fires or vampires, with jump jets. (B&B, p. 38)

* PA-09A Super SAMAS: Size 3 (Normal), an elite Coalition upgrade with better weaponry. (EOH, p. 184)

* PA-100 Mauler: Size 3 (Normal), a super-strong, super-tough melee and ranged Coalition option. (EOH, p. 184)

* QPA-102 Violator SAMAS: Size 2 (Large), Free Quebec variant, lighter with lasers and melee options. (EOH, p. 190)

* "Red Reaper" Super SAMAS: Size 3 (Normal), an upgraded model owned by at least one Coalition officer. Probably balanced if you drop the Prototype Armor feature. (EOH, p. 176)

T-21 Terrain Hopper: Size 1 (Normal), a small suit designed for recon and rapid movement in all forms. (EOH, p. 43)

Triax T-31 Super Trooper: Size 2 (Normal), specializes in grappling and planting explosives on large foes. (TLPG, p. 97)

Triax X-10 Predator: Size 3 (Normal), flight capability with strong weapons and a hand-claw. (TLPG, p. 97)

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