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This is a quick-reference guide for creating characters in Torg Eternity. It does not replace or overrule the full rules except where explicitly noted as a house rule or errata! Think of this more as a handy checklist and index of options.

Creating a Storm Knight

  1. Pick your race (see below).
  2. Pick your home cosm and note its axioms as your axioms.
  3. House Rule: Note your native language skill at +3 and pick another to have at +1; one must be English. (See Torg Eternity Languages for details.)
  4. Divide 40 points between your attributes, making sure they're all within legal limits for your race.
  5. Divide 16 points between your skill adds (see below), with none higher than +3. Give reality at least +1.
  6. Choose two Perks.
  7. Spend $1,000 on equipment.

Derived Values

Note that Perks or racial features may modify these.

  • Movement equals Dexterity. Triple it for Run speed.
  • Toughness equals Strength plus your single best Armor value.
  • Dodge is Dexterity plus dodge.
  • Melee Defense is Dexterity plus melee combat.
  • Unarmed Defense is Dexterity plus unarmed combat.
  • Shock equals Spirit
  • Wounds equals 3.
  • Starting Possibilities (not on sheet) equals 3.

Races and Attributes

Your race determines the maximum level for each attribute (the minimum level is always 5). It may also include a mix of benefits and drawbacks (above and beyond having others notice you and react strangely wherever your race is uncommon). Page references are as for the Perk List.

  • Dwarf (p. 74): Max of Charisma 12, Dexterity 12, Mind 13, Spirit 13, Strength 14. Darkvision (ignore 4 points of darkness). Size (need Dwarf-tailored clothing/armor, costs the same).
  • Edeinos (p. 74): Max of Charisma 10, Dexterity 14, Mind 10, Spirit 15, Strength 13. Natural Weapons (teeth/claws do Strength +2). Outsider (-4 to persuasion vs non-edeinos, draws hostility). Choose your clan, per p. 75 or pp. L76-79.
  • Elf (p. 76): Max of Charisma 15, Dexterity 15, Mind 15, Spirit 14, Strength 11. Graceful (pure Dexterity tests are favored). Darkvision (ignore 4 points of darkness). Magical Affinity (+1 Fatigue if Magic Axiom less than 12). Choose High Elf or Wood Elf, per p. 76.
  • Human (p. 69): Max of Charisma 13, Dexterity 13, Mind 13, Spirit 13, Strength 13. This includes a Darooni tribeman, Leopard tribesman, or Pyrian fire tamer (The God Box, p. 111), and "The Race" (from Tharkold).
  • Keefee* (The God Box, p. 111): Max of Charisma 14, Dexterity 14, Mind 13, Spirit 14, Strength 6. Small Size (need Keefee-tailored clothing/armor at 2x cost, can only use Small weapons, often mistaken for a child), Unique (one per party, may draw attention), Very Small (targeted at -4).
  • Larendi* (The God Box, p. 111): Max of Charisma 12, Dexterity 13, Mind 14, Spirit 13, Strength 10. Armor (+1 from thick skin), Bite and Claws (for Strength +1), Light Load (can't fly if holding a weapon with Min Str above own or wearing armor, and even then can wear only Larendi-tailored armor at 2x cost), Shy (-2 to persuasion), Unique (one per party, will draw attention), Wings (can fly at Dexterity +2 speed, "run" at 3x that, but cannot recover Shock while flying).
* These races are restricted and require GM permission to play; do not assume they will be available!

As a rule, races introduced in the "Backer Archetype" books are not allowed as PCs in our games. These include Canine (a normal non-anthro dog), Ground Sloth (oversized and primitive), Stalenger (weird floating starfish), and Weird Science Robot ("Dōmo arigatō").


Descriptions on pp. 77-83.

SkillControlling AttributeUntrained Use?Note
Air VehiclesDexterityN 
Beast RidingDexterityY 
Energy WeaponsDexterityY[1]
Evidence AnalysisMindY 
Fire CombatDexterityY[1]
First AidMindY 
Heavy WeaponsDexterityY[1]
Land VehiclesDexterityY 
Melee WeaponsDexterityY[1]
Missile WeaponsDexterityY[1]
Profession (Specific)usually MindY/N 
Unarmed CombatDexterityY[1]
Water VehiclesDexterityY 

"Y/N" means it's up to the GM on a situational basis. Basic computer use, unlocking a manual lock, and professions based on common skills all allow for default use. Programming and engineering, rewriting an electronic keypad, and professions requiring specific training to even attempt do not.

[1] Combat skill; determines your offense and/or defense.
[2] Interaction skill, used to both make and resist interaction attacks.
[3] See Torg Eternity Languages for important guidelines.
[4] Based on Charisma as a house rule. Storm Knights must have at least +1 add.
[5] Is sometimes added to Mind instead of Spirit when resisting mental attacks.

XP and Advancement

Storm Knights earn 5 XP per act. (A typical adventure has 3-5 acts, each taking about a session or two to play through.) These XP can be spent on three things:

  • Attributes: Raising an attribute costs (2 x new level) XP.
  • Skills: Adding a skill costs 1 XP. Raising a skill costs (1 x new level) XP. Maximum is +5 (but see the Mastery perk).
  • Perks: Everyone starts with two perks. Adding a third costs 5 XP, a fourth 7 XP, a fifth 9 XP, and so on. (In other words, the cost is (2 x existing perks) + 1 XP.)

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