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GURPS Modifiers

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Friend of a Friend (FOAF): This ally does not follow you directly; instead, they are aligned with one of your other Allies (referred to here as the "controlling Ally.") A FOAF's Frequency of Appearance cannot be higher than that of the controlling Ally. Make a single roll to determine whether both show up; if the FOAF has a lower Frequency of Appearance, it is possible for the controlling Ally to be available but not the FOAF.

Example: You buy a gang leader as an Ally on a 12 or less and his gang as an Ally Group on a 9 or less with the FOAF limitation. At the beginning of the session, the GM rolls a 10. The gang leader will show up for this adventure, but his gang is unavailable.

The FOAF will only follow orders relayed through or approved by the controlling Ally, which gives the controlling Ally veto power over your wishes. This is incompatible with the Minion enhancement -- an Ally who follows someone else can never be your minion! If the controlling Ally has the Minion enhancement, this is worth -5%, or -20% otherwise.


Retractable: When launching your binding attack, you may choose to hold onto a line of it. If so, on any later turn, you may use a Ready action to pull a bound subject toward you. Your effective ST is your own ST or your binding ST, whichever is greater. Note that if your subject's hands are free, or if someone else grabs the line, they can pull you! Releasing the line is a free action on your turn. +100%, or +80% if you are always connected to your binding and cannot release it until the subject breaks free.

Cosmic Power (Modular Abilities)

Gadget Pool: You can only rearrange your points when you are in a lab. This takes time, requires an IQ roll, and either consumes lots of resources (electricity, money, or something else) or broadcasts noticeable waves of energy. Your points can only be used to build gadgets (i.e., appropriate mental or physical advantages with gadget limitations on them). This is incompatible with certain modifiers; see Cosmic Power for Super Gadgeteers for details. Value is based on the time it takes to reconfigure your pool for each advantage: 1 minute is -0%, 10 minutes is -15%, 1 hour is -45%, and 8 hours is -60%.

Damage Resistance

Absorption: See Absorption Revised for an explanation and details. The cost to absorb damage and temporarily raise one or more traits is +5% per trait or +50% if you can do it with any trait. This can be bought in levels; your maximum "point battery" is equal to your level of DR times your level of Absorption. You may also (separately) buy the ability to heal your HP or FP for +40% (+60% if you can heal both).


Group: If you can create more than five dupes, use the modifiers for Ally Groups (p. B37) to determine how many levels to buy; e.g., a super who can create 50 dupes would buy Duplication 10. Odd levels of Duplication give no additional value. This may not be appropriate in all settings. (Suggested by transmetahuman.)

Enhanced Move

Second-Nature: You have the ability to adjust your speed instantly and make minute course corrections without effort. In game terms, calculate your maximum speed and treat it as your normal Move in the appropriate environment (not as Enhanced Move) for all purposes; you do not need to make control rolls, take time to accelerate, etc. You cannot sprint any faster. This enhancement is only appropriate in high-powered, four-color games. For typical characters, this is only cost effective for Ground Move 30+ or Air/Space Move 120+. +150%


Knockback: Knockback is a Common effect. Instead of resisting at +3 or +8, you divide your effective knockback by /3 or /8, rounding down.

Pain: Pain is a Very Common effect. Resistant to Pain +3 [10] is High Pain Threshold. Resistant to Pain +8 [15] (or "Very High Pain Threshold") acts as High Pain Threshold, with an additional +5 on any Knockdown rolls and rolls to resist Afflictions which cause pain or physical stunning, as well as all rolls to recover from them. Immunity to Pain [30] allows you to completely ignore the effects mentioned above.

Striking ST

Supercharged: You can use your strength to tremendous effect! Each level of Striking ST adds +5 to your ST for the purpose of calculating thrust/swing damage and throwing distance. (Other uses, such as Neck Snap, use your normal Striking ST level.) If you have Super-Effort on your Lifting ST, you may pay an extra 1 FP when using it to apply the same rules to your Striking ST for determining throwing distance. See Super-Effort for Striking ST for details, including how this interacts with Power Blow. +100%

Trained by a Master

Unarmed Only: You only get the benefit of this advantage when making unarmed attacks, not with melee weapons. This also applies to any cinematic martial-arts skills that you use; e.g., you can use Power Blow to enhance an unarmed punch, but not a broadsword swing. Trained by a Master (Unarmed Only) and Weapon Master dovetail nicely. -40%


Fatigue Also: In addition to the normal effects of this disadvantage, you cannot recover Fatigue Points naturally. +100%

Fatigue Only: You can heal your Hit Points normally, but not recover Fatigue Points. +0%


Mortal: Unkillable 2 or 3 only. You have no special protection against being killed, though if you do die, you come back to life. You must make normal HT rolls at -HT, -(HTx2), etc., to stay alive, essentially removing the benefits of Unkillable 1. -20%


Hyperjump: See Pyramid #3/49: World-Hopping for expanded rules.

Must Traverse Distance: You actually travel to the destination under your own power; you just do it instantly. You cannot warp to anywhere you could not get to normally, given time. This is incompatible with Hyperjump. -30%

See also Building Jump Drives with Warp for rules to simulate Traveller jump drives with Warp and to exceed the speed of light with Enhanced Move (Space).

New Traits

Indefatigable: 30 points

You do not lose Fatigue Points through normal exertion. You can sprint indefinitely and fight all day. You can still lose fatigue from starvation, thirst, sleeplessness, etc., and any use of extra effort has its normal costs. You are assumed to recover fatigue normally; if this is not the case, apply the Slow Recharge or Special Recharge modifiers from the Energy Reserve advantage.

(Optionally, instead of losing fatigue to starvation, extra effort, etc., you may lose HT -- like a machine -- or have another negative effect occur. If so, this must be set during character creation.)

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