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GCA Files

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I have become a big fan of the GURPS Character Assistant program since its Fourth Edition release. It is versatile and quite customizable, even if the syntax does take some practice. So here's a little bit of my handiwork, from complete custom GDFs to patchwork creations, along with instructions for ease of installation.

PK's House Rules

If you like my house rules (above) and would like to incorporate them into your game, here they are! I tend to tweak this file a lot, so come back often. By left-clicking on it, you can check the Last Modified date (it's right there at the top) and see if you've got the latest version.

This file also includes some of the other, simpler entries from my site. For example, it has the Diabetic disadvantage but not the Super Archer power writeup. It's fully documented, so if there's any rule that you don't care for, it can be edited out easily, even if you don't understand anything about GDF syntax.

Balanced Ritual Magic Rules

This data file implements the two tweaks that I recommended to balance Ritual Magic. Path skills no longer default to the core skill and all spells are Average techniques instead of Hard. It also includes a very basic template for mages who want a starting level in every useful Path skill with one click.

You may also be interested in this text file which contains the corrected prerequisite count for all of the spells in Magic; I distilled it from the official Variant Ritual Magic GDF.

Traveller Racial Templates

This file reproduces my Fourth Edition conversions of all of Traveller's major races. It also features a few traits (Unusual Backgrounds, Secret (Psi), and Patron (Psionic Institute)) to facilitate the creation of a psionic character. If you use the regular character sheet, I recommend choosing the option to print the racial template details (in paragraph form) above the advantages and disadvantages. I've tried to optimize the descriptions for that choice.

Our Star Trek Game

Someone requested this, so I'm making it available, though was never intended for the masses and is thus not internally documented. This is the data file for the Star Trek game our group is currently starting. As of this writing, it has racial templates for the Klingons, Ullians (they were in a single TNG episode), and an amphibious player-created race called the Nadissians. It also features professional templates for Starfleet Enlisted, Starfleet Officers, and Klingon Marines, as well as what I think are balanced skills and rules for the bat'leth.

Skillful Character Sheet

I created this for a GURPS Martial Arts convention demo game, and realized that others might find it useful. It's based on (and directly edited from) the normal GURPS character sheet, but with several additional options to alter the content.

You can remove the "Languages" box and/or the "DR and Cultural Familiarity" box to make more room for skills. In addition to shrinking the "Notes" box to make more room for Hand Weapons, you can also shrink the "Ranged Weapons" box for even more room. Finally, you can prevent Bite from showing up as a weapon, to save room for more common attacks.

Note that the Instructions (below) are slightly different for this file.


First off, if you haven't already, go to this page and install the latest patch and the latest update. This isn't a strict requirement to use these files, but it is a good idea. Then come back here...

  1. Right-click on the name of the data file you want, and choose "Save As...".
  2. Save it to the same directory as your other data files (usually C:\Program Files\GURPS Character Assistant 4\data files). When you do so, make sure that the File Type drop-down box at the bottom says "All Files", not "Text Files", otherwise you'll need to take the next step.
  3. If you're not sure what you're doing, go back and make sure Windows didn't add an extension. If Windows thinks that you're saving this as a text file, it will change the name to something like "pk-houserules.gdf.txt". Why? Because Windows is annoying like that. If it did, change it back.
  4. In GCA, open the Options box (it's the button all the way on the right, or you can find it in the Tools menu) and select the Data Set tab.
  5. Click on Browse, then click on the new data file and Add it. Make sure it's below the official data files on the list.
  6. If you want it to load every time, click on the Save Data Set button and save it as "default.gds".
  7. Either click on Load Now or restart GCA, and it should work fine.

Note: For the character sheet, change the instructions after Step 3 to...

  1. In GCA, open the Character Sheet Options box (it's the button all the way on the right, or you can find it in the Tools menu) and select the new character sheet from the drop-down box. Configure it to taste.
  2. To print using this character sheet, choose the Print Using... option from the File Menu, and double-click on the name of this character sheet. Alternatively, you can make it your default character sheet in the Options box (found in the Tools menu.)

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